Patient Satisfaction Surveys

16,684 patients completed a patient satisfaction survey between January and June 2012

Positive comments

I was very pleased with the way I was treated. The lady who did my MRI was brilliant. I had a phobia about the MRI but she was fantastic with me. Sandwell

My hearing test and supply and fitting of hearing aids immediately after the test was handled with complete professionalism and in a friendly and courteous way throughout. Many thanks. Royal South Hants

Having never undertaken this procedure before I was nervous of the unknown. However, the whole experience was superb. The nurses checked me constantly, the various staff involved with the actual angiogram were informative and put me at ease. The whole thing was very professional. Hereford Cardiac

Everything was excellent, about the service, it was my first time, and two nurses were very kind and explained everything to me, which made me not so nervous. Mobile Scanner


Negative comments

I use a mobility scooter and access is very difficult in this facility. I have to walk with difficulty and a stick along the corridor and across the treatment room. It is difficult to move from the queue to reception. Royal South Hants

Narrow corridor serving as a waiting room - very poor. Because of this the reception desk at which you need to log yourself in is awkwardly sited. You get to the corridor, and if no one happens to be at the reception window you are left wondering what to do next. Royal South Hants

What we did - We received a number of comments relating to the waiting area at the royal south hants hospital. The clinical services manager took a proposal to the trust which they approved. The wall between the two waiting areas was knocked down to increase the space for access and the reception hatch improved so that patients could have a conversation with the administration staff without a glass barrier.

The letter giving information regarding how to find the department was poor in its directing. My appointment was on a Saturday. The main door was therefore not the main entrance, so the subsequent directions were difficult to follow. Can I suggest better information and, perhaps a sign at both entrances marked ‘ultrasound’? Royal South Hants

What we did - The clinical services manager has reviewed our signage across all sites and both temporary and fixed signs have been ordered. The temporary signs will be particularly useful for our mobile service. The patient information/instructions have also been reviewed and now incorporate changes of access to the centres at the weekends when normal entrances may be closed.

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