Many of the questions commonly asked by GPs are dealt with in the questions below. If you still have questions, please contact us.

  • Can I e-mail referrals?

    Yes, referral forms can be e-mailed to us via our secure NHS.net e-mail address:
    INL.inhealthreferrals@nhs.net. Although referrals must be on the InHealth referral forms.

  • Can I speak to a consultant regarding a patient report/images?

    You can contact the referral triage team (based at the patient referral centre) to discuss any queries you may. This triage team consists of radiologists, sonographers and reporters who can help with pre-referral enquiries and report/image enquiries. If they are unable to deal with your enquiry they will give you the contact details for the reporter rota team who are available between 12-2pm, Monday to Friday. To speak to the triage team contact 0844 581 0301

  • How can I arrange for an Account Manager to contact me to discuss the service in more detail?

    If you would like to talk to an account manager please contact us on 01494 560170. Your account manager will be able to come and visit your practice to discuss the service in more

  • Who do I send complaints to?

    If you have a complaint about any aspect of the service you have received from InHealth you can address that complaint as follows: 1.By emailing our Head of Quality on complaints@inhealthgroup.com or by calling 01494 560000 and ask for the Head of Quality. 2.By writing to the Head of Quality, InHealth Group, Beechwood Hall, Kingsmead Road, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP11 1JL.

  • What telephone number can I give to my patients who may want to contact you?

    The telephone number is 0333 202 0300. The call will be answered by specialist Patient Referral Centre staff that will be able to answer any questions from the patient regarding their appointment.

  • Who actually reports on the scans?

    The reports for X-Ray and imaging are provided by a reporting house in the UK which has other contracts with the NHS. The ultrasound, audiology and cardiac physiological measurement results are provided by the operators. Endoscopy results are provided by the endoscopists. All staff have received an induction and competency assessment and the doctors are on the GMC specialist register. The reporting house has its own robust clinical audit processes which includes a 10% independent audit and a continuing review of the applicable KPI's.

  • What happens if an abnormality has shown up during a scan or test?

    For any conditions requiring urgent attention, InHealth will contact the referrer within 24 hours. If for any reason InHealth cannot contact the referrer they will speak directly to the local hospital consultant or may recommend that the patient attends the local Accident and Emergency Department.

  • Do you offer a translation facility at the patient referral centre?

    Yes, a specific language line has been set up at the Patient Referral Centre and will translate all communication through a third party and guide the patient through the booking process. The translator will also advise the patient to bring an English speaking adult to their appointment.

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